it's sometimes best to know where you're going

Unfortunately, today I have to relay a bit of bad news.  Our drummer, Justin, recently tore his ACL in his right knee.  He will have to go into surgery soon, and will probably be sore for some time.  This will keep us from playing shows for a bit longer, so we are now planning shows for late April and May.  Hope to see you soon.

Will - 3/11/2004 11:11:11 pm

it's always quietest before it rains

Greetings.  We've been exploring the real underground lately.  We will be playing shows again very soon.  We've been working on a few new songs that are really neat, and we are very much looking forward to playing them live.  Also, we miss you.  Thanks to all who saw us at the Dallas Music Fest.

Will - 2/27/2004 1:12:24 AM

bright lights and volume

We're playing this Friday at the dallas music fest in deep ellum.  The event lasts four days, and 400 bands are playing.  We're currently selling discounted tickets that will get you into all the venues for $12.  We're also selling our new EP, "the lights that flicker."  Click here to buy tickets or the CD, and here for show information.  For more information on the dallas music fest, click here.

Andy - 12/03/2003 7:10:35 PM

can it be?

We've scheduled our cd release show!  We'll be headlining the Galaxy Club this Saturday night, in support of our new EP, "the lights that flicker".  Thanks for your patience, and we hope to see you there.  Be sure to check the calendar for show details.

Will - 11/12/2003 4:20:22 PM

everything is fine

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the artwork for our debut EP, "The Lights that Flicker". We just played a benefit for UTA radio at the University of Texas at Arlington. Tony enjoyed his first show with us and looks forward to playing more.  Special thanks to everyone there. We have new shows lined up, so be sure to check our calendar.

Will - 11/05/2003 9:27:22 PM


back with a bang

The site is back up! Listen to our new single Summer Into Fall here!

Andy - 10/30/2003 3:41:55 PM

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